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Tarrant, is the unforgettable character known as The Mad Hatter who is played by Johnny Depp in the movie. There is a great Mad Hatter doll offered over the internet resembling Depp´s Tarrant, having clown like flaming red hair, red lips with matching eyebrows. His brown colored top hat is wrapped with a pink sash and complimented by long jeweled hatpins. The Tarrant figure is wearing a soft cotton fake shirt front with bow tie, a printed vest with golden buttons and a printed scarf around the neck, twill pants with embroidery and lace trim. He also love doll wears mismatched striped stockings along with brown leather boots with red laces. The Mad Hatter figure´s jacket has ribbons of many colors´ held together by a large safety pin. There is bird embroidery on the back of his jacket, the cuffs are trimmed with lace and he also wears a shoulder belt holding several spools of thread and a gold chain consisting of gold and black diamond shapes. There is also a Mad Hatter Futterwacken figure resembling Depp as well. He is still wearing the colorful top hat and flaming red hair. Futterwacken wears a blue jacket, a dickey, a plaid kilt, tasseled belt and printed tie. He is also donning a plaid kilt, striped stockings a bandolier of spools of thread and a chain. He is dressed up ready to perform the Futterwacken dance preparing for the rebellion against the Queen of Hearts (also known as the Red Queen). 


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