Diamonds last forever and so do our relation!

Welcome to Corinne jewelers. Our specialization is getting you the diamond of your choice and our jewelry store makes sure you are not disappointed. You like your diamond in a ring, bracelet, pendant or necklace we are there to make it for you. Our vast designer collection also helps you in choosing predesigned jewelry. Our unique timepieces collection will force you to show off. And if you have a girlfriend/wife who is really choosy about her diamonds, get her to us and your problem is solved. Be its shape, size, color or the number of diamonds we are there to clear the entire confusion.

Apart from designer collections we have a personalized section for you. Personalize your jewelry with our amazing slate & tell collection. Pick a slate and let us know your engravings. Rings, charms, pendants everything as per your choice. Our wedding band collection is a real varied one. The designers have taken in all the effort to specialize wedding bands according to your needs. Go to our fine jewelry section and we have all jewelry sorted and filtered for your ease. If you have a specific choice you will find your favorite piece within no time.

Well we do provide you with the best service and products but at the same time we make sure they are not heavy on your pockets. You have our price match guarantee. The products in our entire jewelry store are run through quality checks and price checks. And if you have gold jewelry you are bored of we will buy it and offer you the best price or product as per your requirement. We are available on all social media and on call, you can reach out to us anytime. You can also check the reviews of our satisfied customers. They are lovely!

We have an experience of 50 years of satisfying customers. Well and if you donít want to buy jewelry but just want tips to revamp your old ones, we have tips that our bloggers provide. Our blogs will give you unique ideas to wear your old jewelry in a trendy way or just tip you to mix and match them. So, just visit our website or locate a store near you and have a valuable relationship with us! And please give us feedback whether good or bad, because we know that there is always room for improvement!

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