This place still alive?

This place still alive?

Seems like a big rip.


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rainbow Says: what up guys
Updated 8 hours ago
Maepay123 Says: lol, i come on here occasionally to see just how dead my site is. It´s pretty depressing...
Updated 173 days ago
Tylorfoot Says: the website isnt exactly active really. its overrun with bots which isnt good at all but atleaest we know that some people are still active here totally not advertisement: join nuubly worl
Updated 195 days ago
Harbinger Commented: Sucks to see a website that people may have had tons of memories on just go down the crapper, would know because my fave website, Whirled, had the same fate except it just completely shut down forever
Updated 194 days ago
Shelby The Yandere Says: Notn eccialry i´m still here im just not that actice.
Updated 217 days ago