its been awhile?

its been awhile?

forgive me for any spelling mistakes - i got my wisdom teeth out today so im a bit loopy

which is actually why i came back here in the first place, because i just kept getting impulses to visit again, hah

im. not sure if anyone remembers me? i used to go by a bunch of names here but most commonly renee
i made meaplings and striahgt up left after 4ch decided to be the ugly cesspool it is, which sucks alot because mfw was like a home for me

im not sure if ill pick up meaplings again. its always been my dream to create my own virtual world and meaplings was the closest ive gotten
but depression and a whole other cocktail of mental issues as well as physical problems are making life a lil hard now (plus the fact that 4ch pretty much destroyed this place which im still bitter about)

in the meantime heres some interesting things that happened to me while i was gone
  • learned the corruptness of chatlands
  • left chatlands in a very similar fasion
  • finished a very.. subpar game called lightloss
  • created a pokemon au that pretty much qualifies as it's own universe now and takes up most of my mind
  • met the love of my life
  • drew a whole bunch
  • got really into touhou
  • and as of today.. got my wisdom teeth out
i even redrew my current icon for some art comparison

sum cool factz:
  • renee was simply a psudeonym (its a name i liked at the time). my real name is zin
  • im out of high school now
  • i can probably beat you at a pokemon battle
  • my sims family is on its third generation
  • im too afraid to log into my original 'renee' account bc im like 90% angry people from 4ch spammed it's inbox

in the off chance anyone does remember me and wants to see how im going downhill, heres where i am on the interwebs
(warning that i swear quite liberally, so, uh... thats there)
  • tumblr  - kk-dirge (funny story someone actually recognized my art style from here on tumblr)
  • deviantart - zinnla
  • youtube -
sorry this was a mouthful but i felt it wouldnt be fair to completely leave without a trace (even if the followup is like 2ish years later)

i might or might not be returning simply because mfw is such a nice engine if used right, but at the same time this place is sadly rubble of the mfw i once knew :(
but hey, maybe ill see some of yall around


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Harbinger Says: Never knew it was 4Chan that raided this place, I was just told by a friend on the long dead Whirled to come raid this place back when it happened even though I mostly just watched.
Updated 312 days ago
Shelby The Yandere Says: Uhhh....hi...ik u probably hate me heh.
Updated 351 days ago
zin Says: ofcourse looking at some of the last commented dates on groups .. i think im the only one here :´D
Updated 390 days ago
zin Says: welp looks like the meds kicked in and i cant evn link properly lol. anyways my youtube is
Updated 390 days ago