Everyone Left! Except me

Everyone Left! Except me

Its xxkawaiixx ive been writing new ideas for my site, so I didn't leave. everyone else did. I'm still on fantimonsters, wolf life, shelbys awesome site, my site needs updates. need drawers! Chao!


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londondiva Says: im new to this group im only like 8 almost 9 now im here
Updated 18 days ago
alan12 Says: oi
Updated 268 days ago
CyplexYT Says: not me!
Updated 276 days ago
Kaira Says: Hey! Kaira I´m also new here !.. I´m also finding the way to the malls,parks ...
Updated 379 days ago
Kaira Says: Hi guys! I´m new here.... I can´t find what´s going on here in this world... Could you please tell me how to go to streets, parks,malls?
Updated 379 days ago
Shelby The Yandere Says: I´m still here~
Updated 383 days ago
XxKawaiixX Commented: awww! <3 I will update our channel. you can too!
Updated 382 days ago