Help making kawaii site!

Help making kawaii site!

Somebody please help making kawaii site. Think of a name cuz, IDK. Ones I might do: Kawaii Life, Kawaii Kingdom, (Requested by me ->) Kawaii World!


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Nyx192 Says: Hai
Updated 120 days ago
Cupcakes4lif Says: Kawaii Life for sure! Its cute! And I´ll help!
Updated 129 days ago
ownerRealowner Commented: REALLY OMG!!!! Thanks! Shelby requested it. BTW I joined Japan Online. Looks cute! <3
Updated 129 days ago
Cupcakes4lif Commented: Thanks, its burley done though. XD
Updated 128 days ago
ownerRealowner Commented: Heres the link. Hope you like it! Wait but, you´re the admin! Lol
Updated 128 days ago
Puppybrh<3 Says: Kawaii (Animal) or The Kawaiis or The Kawaii Island.
Updated 130 days ago
ownerRealowner Commented: Thinking about it...
Updated 131 days ago