The podium is completed by the Brazilian Neymar, who appears with the same rating as the Uruguayan Luis Suarez and the German Manuel Neuer (92), who is also the first goalkeeper can be accessed with fifa 18 points hack tool.

The best defense is the Spaniard Sergio Ramos (7th - 90th), while the first midfielder is the Belgian Eden Hazard (8th - 90th), although those who qualify the Chelsea player as forward and choose to leave the German midfield Toni Kroos (9th - 90th).

What is striking is that Kroos was not recognized as the best player in his position by UEFA last season or by the League, falling both honors in his teammate at Real Madrid, the Croatian Luka Modric (12th - 89th) .

Also striking is the qualification of Argentine Gonzalo Higuain (10th - 90th) when the Juventus player could not remain as the top scorer of the calcium and has been losing presence in the Argentine national team.

For many, the position of Argentine Gonzalo Higuain was surprising.
For many, the position of the Argentine Gonzalo Higuain was surprising .. Photo: LA NACION

That contrasts with the location of Uruguayan Edinson Cavani (37th - 87th) or Englishman Harry Kane (53rd - 86th), scorers in France and England, respectively.

Something similar happens with the chosen best player of the Premier League , N´Golo Kanté (35º - 87), who appears below names like those of Jerome Boateng (33º - 88) and MR Verrarti (34º - 87).

On the other hand, the place of his teammate, Italian Gianluigi Buffon, who at 39 is the oldest player to appear on the list (13th - 89th), is highlighted.

Between countries and leagues

Spain is the country with the most representatives with 14, followed by Germany with 10 and France, Brazil and Belgium with 10 fifa 18 free coins cheats. While Latin Americans include players from Argentina (6), Uruguay (3), Chile (2), Colombia (2) ) and Costa Rica (1).

In fact, Keylor Navas (73º - 85) is the only player from the CONCACAF countries that appears in the standings. Only two African players appear from the rest of the planet: the Gabonese Pierre-Emerick Aubemayang (29th-88th) and the Senegalese Sadio Mané (98th-84th).

Navas conquered the Champions League with Real Madrid.
Navas conquered the Champions League with Real Madrid .. Photo: LA NACION

As for the place where they play, they are all part of European football and 99 of them are distributed among the five main European leagues: Spain, Italy, Germany, England and France.


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