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How the hell do you make group chats I really don´t get this site and you don´t even get payed at the damn starfish bucks thing
Asked 36 days ago By

how do we play this i dont understand
Asked 38 days ago By madgirl4

is any one else like to obssed with percy jackson
Asked 39 days ago By daughterofdemeter

do you ever want to meet me in person because im a model
Asked 48 days ago By deedeegamer

how do you make a family?
Asked 56 days ago By chantelle21

is anyone active on MyFirstWorld?
Asked 59 days ago By Tylorfoot

i have no idea what to do?????????????
Asked 59 days ago By wolfloverforever12

hey what are you
Asked 60 days ago By maclind

how do i do this!!!!!!!!
Asked 61 days ago By rabeca29

who would like to chat.HIT ME UP
Asked 74 days ago By

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