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can everyone turn into a unicorn
Asked 2 days ago By fluffy unicorn101

How can I delete my account?
Asked 9 days ago By AllisonHope

Asked 10 days ago By i am the jef killer

Can I go die
Asked 14 days ago By /LiaLuvsYou/

How do you get a pet?
Asked 25 days ago By pj64a22j

do you make a family or not
Asked 25 days ago By wayanna

how do you get a job
Asked 26 days ago By emma

were is my critter and how do i play
Asked 33 days ago By Emma21

What´s Your Favorite Fairytale Books
Asked 36 days ago By Taylor.Hillridge2

where is my person/critter and how do you play
Asked 42 days ago By Biscuits201

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