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Merry Christmas and happy New Year guys!!!

I know I haven´t been on here to check for a while, since like, November!!! So I know I said in the last update that if we had 100 users by November something, I would create a quiz and give you the answer for a free 250 coins, but I think that´s going a little far seeing as how we only have 51 users. So I have a NEW offer: I´ll put up a free coin quiz but it will be 350 COINS!!!  but I have a question for you guys...should our goal be 60 users or 75? Let me know in the forum! Also, should we try to get however many we decide users by January 30 or February 30? 

But this is YOU GUYS´ choice! If you have a better idea like you think it should be Feb. 1st instead of the other ones or like 65 instead of 60 or 75, let me know! I want to hear what YOU have to say. You have a say in this. This is a democracy. I want this website to be something you can enjoy and not be like, this is stupid, it should have this or that. It can! If you have ideas on how to make this website better, go to the forum! Ciao!

Also, see the new Present Stacker game.


  Lauren G., Admin Big smile

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