In how to play poker, maybe some people will be a little confused when there are two players with the same biggest card, for example As, player A has a Diamond / Diamond symbol, player B has an As symbol of Love / Heart, and player B has won. Maybe those who donīt understand will think "Why? How come? Isnīt it a series / draw? "Therefore I made the explanation here.

This poker game uses playing cards where there are four symbols there, Diamond / Diamond, Club / Curly, Love / Heart, Spade / Teak (There may be different designations in some parts of Indonesia huh). Well, these four symbols are level in poker. The lowest level is Diamond, while the highest is Spade / Teak. So, the order of levels is Diamond / Diamond> Club / Curly> Love / Heart> Spade / Teak. What? Is that clear enough? We proceed to the next stage.


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