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How to Delete AOL Mail Account

If you are looking forward to deleting your AOL mail account, you must keep this in mind that you will be required to eliminate the AOL account and would be ceased from using the AOL services. There can be many reasons for this decision. Maybe you aren´t satisfied with the email services, have found some better options or much more. You must first make your mind because after deleting the account you won´t use the AOL features like AOL app, AOL Instant messenger, etc. Since AOL mail is a service provided by AOL, so deleting AOL mail means losing access to other AOL services. This blog will give you appropriate information about the process, and if at any point, you need external or technical assistance; you can always dial AOL technical support phone number.

The procedure to delete AOL Mail account

·        Open the default/home internet browser and type To remove the AOL account, you must log in via desktop/laptop as deleting AOL mail via mobile application is not possible.

·        If you aren´t log in to the AOL account, then do so by adding your login credentials. Once done, you will be navigated to the home page.

·        On the home page, look down for the option of ‘My Account’ at the bottom of the page and click on that.

·        Now select ‘Manage My Subscription.’ Sometimes it happens that once you click on the given option, you will be asked to answer the security question. It is the same question which you had set while opening the account.

·        Answer the security question and click on Continue

·        Once you reach the page, click on Cancel.

·        You will be asked to provide the reason for Cancellation. Either you can type the specific purpose at the box given, or you can choose the reason from the given options. But it is mandatory to provide a basis because, without that, you won´t be able to proceed further.

·        Once you provide the reason, you will be given a list of benefits that you will lose. Some of them include AOL app, AOL Instant messenger, AOL Photobucket, etc.

·        Once done, the AOL mail along with other mail services will be deleted

·        But if you wish to retrieve the account back, you can do so within the limit of 90 days, as it takes this period for AOL to delete the account permanently. You can log in back again with the help of the same login credentials.

This procedure will help you to delete your AOL mail account. But if by any chance, you come across technical difficulties while going through the process, do get in touch with AOL customer support phone number and have a word with the techies explaining your dilemma.


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