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Moderators Needed!

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Moderators Needed!
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Hi, wlecome to Better Life! Don´t know what Better Life is? Well, Better Life is an online virtual world for kids who get bored easily! Here in Better Life, you can choose from multiple avatars, get a cool, well paid job, earn and spend Credits, and more! Got any questions, send ´em to xXxCrazyCupcakesxXx!

Here in Better Life, we do not allow users to advertise other MyFirstworld.com websites with out permission from the admin, xXxCrazyCupcakesxXx. We have a few more rules. To learn them, visit the forum titled "Report Forum". Along with a list of the rules, it also lists the consequences. The staff of Better Life does not want anyone to get in trouble, so please try to follow our rules! Thank you.

The staff of Better Life is currently in need of moderators. If you would like to become a moderator, please visit the page titled "Moderators Needed!". Once we have enough moderators, that page will not be available for veiwers to see, so become a moderator quickly!

So now that you´ve read our homepage, why don´t you register, pick an avatar, and explore? Tootles!


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