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Hiya! Welcome to Chibi City! Im I❤Chibi the admin of this website! Before I tell you all of the great things that you can do in Chibi City, I need to remind you of something; This site is COPYRIGHTED. Which means that everything in belongs to me. I am telling all of you this so that EVERYONE will remember NOT to copy! I mean, I can understand avatars and maybe a store or two, but if you copy something like, say, THE WHOLE WEBSITE, then THATS when I get mad. So PLEASE dont copy! Thanks!

Anywhoodle...Did you know that in Chibi City, you can earn things called Chia Coins which you can use to buy LOTS of cool items? Well you can! Its really easy to earn them, too! Just remember to get a job, collect interest at the bank everyday, and SAVE UP! Also, if youre REALLY low on Chia Coins, you can ask me to give you a loan via private message! But remember, you have to pay off a loan! So when youve earned MORE Chia Coins than what I loaned you, Ill take whatever ammount of Chia Coins that you owe me and put them into MY account.

Hey, did you know that you can MAKE your own avatar? You can! Just make your avatar on the site that I made the regular avatars on and send me the link to the picture! If I decide that its appropriate, then Ill make it youre avatar! Dont worry, Ill make it so that it can only be YOUR avatar! Not anyone elses!

Hmm... Speaking of AWESOME, guess what? Everyday, Ill go to the users page, close my eyes, and randomly click a lucky user. Wanna know WHY that user is lucky? Ill tell you! The user that I pick that day will receive 1,000,000 more Chia Coins AND an EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP  for a WHOLE MONTH!

So, up above, I mentioned something called an Exclusive Membership. Well, you probably dont know what that is, so Im gonna tell ya! Have you ever been on one of those websites like Club Penguin or Fantage where they have Premium Memberships that you have to pay for? Well, an Exclusive Membership is the same thing. Only you dont pay REAL money to get an Exclusive Membership, you pay Chia Coins! Or you hope that youll be the Lucky Winner Of the Day and win it FOR FREE along with 1,000,000 more Chia Coins. But if you dont want to WAIT to be picked, then you need to pay me, I❤Chibi 67,000 Chia Coins for an Exclusive Membership. Also, with an Exclusive Membership, you get to have access to the Exclusive Members Only Clubs and you get to buy the things that require an Exclusive Membership!

Hey guys, check out the Chibi City Newspaper and look at the Dear Miss. Daisy advice column! YOU get to ask the questions! Check out the paper for more info!

Okay, so one more thing guys, then you can go explore the city for yourselves...I was jotting down ideas for Chibi City in my notebook, and I came up with a REALLY cool idea! Why not have a Chibi City mascot! And wanna know the fun part of that? YOU guys get to vote for the mascot! The mascot that receive the most votes at the end of NEXT week is Chibi Citys new mascot! So dont forget to go to the Voting Ballot and vote for youre favorite mascot today!


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