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NEW from the creator of Tammyopolis: Onions! A hilarious comic about a girl who's hopelessly scared of everything.


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 Welcome to Centre Tammyopolis!

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT TAMMY: Tammyopolis will be shutting down. All Tammyopolians must keep an eye out for a new Tammyopolis. Search "Tammyopolis" on Google  to see when the shiny new lands on Tammyopolis will arise once again.

This is the wonderful virtual world for Tammyopolians (and non-Tammyopolians) to play and just relax! Go to Tammyopolis for more of this awesome fun! 

Play games! Do quests! Recruit friends! Earn Tammyopolis Bucks (Join now and get 1000 free TB)! Buy items, clothing and food! Deposit TB and get interest!* Get a job! Chat with friends in forums! And much, much, much, much, much, much, much, MUCH more to come when you join Centre Tammyopolis NOW!

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