Engagement rings

How to buy perfect Engagement Ring

Before begin planning your happy married life, you will need to do some shopping in the beginning. Obviously, you will overwhelm when you plan to buy one of the best wedding rings. Inconsistent information regarding how much money you want to spend, some detailed information regarding the 4 Cís and thousands of different options and styles can confuse you. This guide will help you to prepare yourself to enter into the huge world of rings.

Look for the correct jeweler

You can spend several weeks learning yourself regarding diamonds, however finally getting the best value and quality when it comes to purchasing a trusted engagement ring. At the time of buying a ring, you need to seek a jeweller who will -

  • Concentrate to help you find the quality and right style for the reasonable price.
  • Assist you to rapidly shortlist your style options
  • Demonstrate you the ring diamonds via a loupe or gemological microscope to inform you about the cut.
  • Show interest in your partnerís unique style and personality.

Quality parameters

As soon as you have shortlisted your style options, itís now time to think about receiving the finest quality product under your budget. Quality means beauty in the world of gold wedding rings. If the quality of a diamond is higher, the more costly and beautiful it will be. Well, this the basic rule. But the fact is that you can obtain a stunning ring by simply making tradeoffs. Usually, the quality of a diamond is determined by 4 Cís.


This evaluates how many interior inclusions or blemishes a diamonds have. Through clarity affects the price and perceived quality of a diamond, most inclusions donít actually affect the absorbed and returned light. This really makes it look like that a diamond is lit from inside.


The part of the diamondís quality is depending on its whiteness. Z grade is considered as the yellow and D grade is considered as the whites. Color transformed between H and D which are virtually impossible to differentiate with the bare eyes.


The manner a diamond is proportioned and cut affects how the light reflects via it. Properly cut diamonds have a tendency to be costly, however, they have more shine and play of light.


This quality parameter is simple to understand. If the diamond is bigger, it will become available at the costly price. 

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