The best selections to start playing FIFA 18 World Cup (and with more progression)

Would you like to win the 2018 World Cup in FIFA 18? Do not miss our guide with some of the best selections to start playing FIFA 18 World Cup and discover some of the national groups with more ability to progress within the FUT mode.

The update of the 2018 world cup in russia is now available for free at FIFA 18 and with it the national teams that will participate in the competition in FUT mode have arrived. If you have decided to participate in the World Cup in the sports title of Electronic Arts, you may be interested to know what national teams it is best to do and to make things easier for you, we have created this new entry in our FIFA 18 Guide with which We believe that they are some of the best selections to start playing in the World Cup of the title, taking into account their quality and their ability to progress to the FIFA Ultimate Team mode Let the ball roll! Check this website to generate unlimited FIFA 19 Coins and points in your ea account to win the series.


There is no doubt that our national team is one of the favorites for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and in FIFA 18 it is reflected. Spain is a set full of quality in all its lines and has one of the most creative field centers in the game. Of course, the cost of Spain in the FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team mode is quite high since almost all the players of La Roja have an average score higher than 80.

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The selection from EA Sports simulation will win the world cup is one of the best to start playing the FIFA 18 World Cup . The national team "Bleu" has a very balanced starting line and great potential for the future, with very talented and promising young players. Therefore, it is no nonsense to choose France in the FUT World Cup mode. Special mention deserves the French field center, where Paul Pogba and N´golo Kante dominate the game.

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The current world champions could not miss this list. From the pinto view of the FUT World Cup mode, Germany has one of the best field centers and one of the strongest central defenses in FIFA 18. In contrast, the offensive line is somewhat slow, so we prefer to use the two national teams mentioned above.


Another great favorite to win the cup at the 2018 World Cup in Russia is Brazil and in the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team mode you can give good faith. La Canarinha is a team that mixes perfectly the veteranity of renowned players with the talent of promising young players, which is why Brazil is one of the most advanced teams in the EAsports simulator To highlight, of course, its offensive potential.



Despite not going through his best moment in real life, the Argentina team is one of the most powerful in FIFA 18. And, a team that can count on Messi in his starting eleven, is always a team to have consider. Argentina has even more offensive power than Brazil and, although it suffers in defense, it can be the perfect national team if you are one of those who catch the ball and run like crazy towards the rival goal.


The great promise of South American football is also one of the best selections to start playing the FIFA 18 World Cup . This team has one of the most balanced teams in the game since its players have a very good pace of play and high technical capacity. Unfortunately, their goalkeepers are not very good, so it suits you to be very focused on defense if you opt for Colombia in the FIFA 18 FUT World Cup mode.

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