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WAMP Institute offers different Digital Marketing Course that is focused on the type of future you see, be it job oriented or if you want to start your own business. They provide certifications by Google, Facebook, Hubspot etc. and the students are provided with internships. They provide knowledge that is sufficient, for a better understanding of Digital platforms. 

We offer a variety of courses in Digital Marketing, the first-course being Executive Digital Marketing Course, that offers 24 Modules and 8 certifications. Then, Advanced Level Digital Marketing Course, that offers 40 Modules and 12 certifications and the major one being Masters in Advanced Digital Marketing Course that offers 64 Modules, the first time in India and provides 18 certifications. Learn Digital Marketing and secure your future. 

Masters In Advanced Digital Marketing Course

First time in INDIA 64 Modules
Course Duration- 7 Months                     
Certificates- 17
FEES- Rs. 65,999

Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Modules 40
Course Duration- 4 Months
Certificate 10
FEES Rs. 34999

Executive Digital Marketing Course

Modules 24
Course Duration- 2 Months
Certificates- 7  
FEES- Rs. 24,999 

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