Academic writing is an important part of your academic excellence. Essay writing has become a typical and common assignment that is used in most subjects. In order to achieve skillfulness in writing an essay, you need to be acquainted with its varieties. One of them is compare-contrast essay paper writing.
Itís simple. For your essay paper you choose two subjects that are familiar to everyone. Make sure they are well-known because not a lot of people are familiar with terminology in different spheres of activity. Letís say, we pick journalism and designing, or even more specifically Ė journalists and designers. Now you need to either compare, or to contrast them. By doing first, you show similarities between them in your essay paper. By doing second, you show their differences.
A logical sequence is important in this style of essay paper writing. Journalists and designer are similar because they never listen. They use a free interpretation of customerís words. Ask anyone, who was interviewed, about the results of his interview. Heíll tell you that he didnít say half of what was printed, or meant something else. Now ask a customer. Did he receive what he ordered? Ask any customer what he thinks about designers and their associative row. The results are pessimistic.
Now follow the structure of writing an essay and state the differences. Journalist Ė 10 letters: 4 vowels, 6 consonants. Designer Ė 8 letters: 3 vowels, 5 consonants. Thatís the difference. Isnít it enough?
There is one more way of writing an essay paper. First describe one object of your essay paper (in my case itís journalism), and then describe the second object of essay writing (designing). The overall impression in this way of essay writing will be somewhat different. The evidence of contrast/similarity begins to appear after getting to a second part of an essay paper. 
Journalists donít use fact-checking. They can get enough information from the fist ten sources in Google. Looking at next ten sources is just toooo much. Designers donít care how a web-site should look like. They go to GettyImage and use pictures from the very first window, for they think it takes too long to draw something themselves, and on GettyImage everythingís ready.
Sometimes essay writers only compare, or only contrast. What can be easier in writing an essay? But it also requires some researches on the topic to be able to pick the most comparable/contrasting sides of an object of your essay writing. Essay writers who only compare two ideas in their essay papers sometimes briefly mention the contrast in the introduction, and then move on so that they don´t lead readers to think they can´t make relevant distinctions. Best essay writing service who only contrast ideas in their essay papers sometimes briefly summarize similarities in the conclusion so they don´t leave the impression that they are thinking in opposites. 
Of course, nobody cancels a text structure in essay writing. In all possible tips for essay writing you will find out about the necessity of using an Intro, Main Body, and a Conclusion. Just remember that there are differences between academic writing and high school essay writing. And a five-paragraph essay that satisfied your teacher may not (and will not, thatís for sure) satisfy your college professor. This is why any academic writing has to be more thoroughly researched. It also has to be more thoughtfully written. Before handing it in, make sure itís checked for punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Even a well-written essay papers can be a fiasco if you skip double-checking it.

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