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Welcome to the Online World of the Kane Chronicles. This is a fun virtual world where you get to live like Sadie and Carter Kane. Become a magician and follow the path of the Egyptian gods. Here are some need to knows:

EGP is the Egyptian currency. EGP is short for Egyptian Pound. You can spend EGP“s at all the stores on here.

We do not take credit for The Kane Chronicles. All rights belong to the Bestselling Author, Rick Riordan.

Plot: The world is close to the end. A giant snake is about to eat the sun. The giant snake is the Egyptian god of Chaos. His name is Apophis. Two young magicians and their initiates are trying to stop Apophis and save the world. Can they do it?

Our team suggests reading the Kane Chronicles. So far their are three books:

1. The Red Pyramid

2. The Throne of Fire

3. The Serpents Shadow

Enjoy the game!


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