Trixie Mattel Net Worth 2018: Amazing Facts You Need to Know

The year in which Trixie Mattel was born was in the year 1989. His original name was Brian Michael Firkus and he took birth on the day of August 23 in the land of Milwaukee which is in Wisconsin, in the United States of America. He has a rich mix of ancestors which has made him of Obijwe and American origin.

The early life of Brian Michael Firkus, his birth and origin

He is known by the name of Trixie Mattel on the stage and this is the name he is famously known by. He is one of the most famous drag queens out there as he has gained this extreme level of fame and money by being a part of the RuPaulís Drag Race which is only the most famous reality series, he took part in the competition in the seventh season of the series. Being a part of the reality competition, he did not have to look back and he became what he is today one of the most famous drag queen of all time. Another great information about him is that he is a singer and sings country songs.

He took part in loads of competitions for drag queen

He has even been the proud voice behind the album Two Birds and this has helped a lot in gaining him the fame he has today. Also, the person has been a part of a very successful career since the very year of 2008. It is definitely true that you have given a lot of thought as to what his net worth can be?

Trixie is also a famous country-based singer

How rich he is based on the current year of 2017. Well, as per the most trusted sources of Trixie Mattel Net Worth 2018: Amazing Facts You Need to Know, Brian has a net worth of 1 million dollar. He has been the proud and most deserving owner of this money with the help of being an entertainment industry as a very successful drag queen as well as one of the most famous singer of country songs out there.

Brian comes from a very poor family he attended his high school in his very home town itself. After passing his matric exams, he joined or enrolled himself in the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin in the field of music and theatre. This was where his interest in being a drag queen grew and the rest as we know is history. 


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