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At Coin Master, many paths lead to success, and itīs often trifles that decide on victory and defeat. Unfortunately, these details are often overlooked, and thatīs exactly what this article is for. It is intended to give beginners as well as advanced players an overview and assistance, so that they have even more fun with Coin Master Hack.

Many tips will be especially obvious to experienced players, but please remember: Everyone started small.

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So your comments on the comments, discussed with other Coin Master players, will help readers of AndroidPIT get even better at Coin Master. We will evaluate the comments regularly and then record here with the author. This tip-and-tricks article about Coin Master Coin Generator is constantly being expanded.

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Coin Master: Tips for Beginners

At the beginning, you should pay attention to a balanced mix in the units. But that also applies to the later gameplay. So not only take strong units that cost a lot of elixir.

Do not panic if your opponent puts pressure on you or if a tower is lost. Those who act hastily have already lost.

If there is only one minute left to fight, do not throw all units immediately forward. Also make sure that your towers and the Kings Tower (the tower in the middle) are protected.

Tasting is about studying. Just try different combat units and then set your tactics. 

Join in a clan: Here you get cards from other clan members, can donate cards and come to extra money and organize training matches. In these battles, you can easily try new tactics, as you will not be deducted in a defeat trophies. 

Include the towers in your game. If possible, allow enemies within range of your towers to shoot with arrows or the main tower cannon with the help of free coin master spins

Question to you: What tips can you give to players who start with Coin Master?

Tip from our reader Hannes Gutsch

Hannes suggests using a giant and a ranged force first. It is best to repeat this until you get the first tower. After that he would bet on defense and wait to see what the opponent is doing.

For players from level 3, he suggests a so-called Prince tactic. In the process, the player first sends in a troop that can take a lot and then a troop with flying units. Hannes often uses the balloon and then the prince is used. He then continues this tactic until the enemy is defeated

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