Best DDoS Protected VPS Hosting for Your Ecommerce Website


The BlueAngel host is the number one provider of DDoS Protected VPS Hosting.

In DDOS Protected VPS Hosting DDOS Protection are available and we get DMCA ignored VPS hosting. Technical support is available 24*7 and to ensure risk free trials for 7 days money back is guaranteed.

free email lookup

DDoS Protected VPS Hosting features are:

Gbps connection with low latency rate.

Access with full root.

Dedicated control and Scalable hosting.

SolusVM VPS panel.


They provide VPS hosting in Russia, the Netherlands and Bulgaria. KVM, Windows and OpenVZ are available. There are many plans for business and personal use and you can save up to 12% in the annual plan.


Offshore Hosting recommends the right plan, whether it is a small or a growing or a big site, high or moderate traffic. All types of hosting whether it is a shared, VPS, Dedicated or reseller hosting are done. Dedicated servers are Bulgaria, Netherlands and Russia.


Why you should go for offshore hosting:

Protected servers.

DMCA ignored hosting service.

24*7 accessibility

Uptime 99.9%.


Moving from another host is tough. So offshore hosting provides free:

Data transfer.

Script transfer.

File transfer.

Suppose you want to contact with an old friend and you have their new email, then you can use free email lookup service. Wide range of tools is required to look for the information you want and it may require a monthly fee. free email lookup finishes the task by going through types of dictionaries to find the information. It uses different search engines. Promotions will help you to buy several web hosting:


Free domain.

Offshore hosting offer.

20% off on VPS hosting.


Shopify and Squarespace are two e-commerce sites which are easy to use and guarantee quality service. Here are some of the points which will make you chose which better Shopify vs. Squarespace is:


Ease of use: Squarespace is a bit easier to use as a Shopify drag down the features.

Themes: Shopify gives 100 themes and Squarespace gives 25 themes.

Discount coupons: At startup level, Squarespace gives free coupons.

Expensive: Shopify is more expensive.


Which is a better website: Squarespace vs. Wix?


User friendly: Wix is more user friendly as the control panel is easy to operate and easy to use the editing items.

Features: Squarespace offers multiple access level.

Design: Wix offers diverse and mobile editor use.

In short, if you want difficulty free and free website, then go for Wix and customization free will choose Squarespace.

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