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Welcome to BYouWorld here you can:

*Play games


*Join Clubs


*Go To BeYou Events

*And So Much More!



Who Do I Trust?: The BeYous´: Cameron (B), Jake (B), Josh (B), and Taye (B). They are our website moderators and will be sure to answer to any of your questions or complaints.

Can I Become A BeYou?: Sadly the answer is no but you can sure help us by sending in ideas, contests, and more.

A Person Is Being Inappropriate, What Should I Do?: Make sure to report one of the BeYous´ right away. False reporting is also against the rules.

How Do I Friend Request?: We don´t have an exact button to do that but we do have a trick. 1. Post on his/her wall saying: (your username) wants to be friends with you. If they accept they´ll post on your walls (His/her username) has accept your friend request.

A Person Offers To Gift Me Free VIB If I Give My Pass The Him/Her, Should I Do It: No. 90% of the time its a scam. Keep your password to yourself.

I Forgot My Password! What Should I Do?: Sorry but theres nothing we can really do about it :-(. To prevent this from happening, write your pass down in a safe place.

I´m A VIB and I Sent A Msg To A BeYou But I Still Didn´t Receive My VIB Msg: Please bare with us and be patient. The BeYous´ aren´t online 24/7 so you´ll have to wait. They will check it ASAP and msg you.

Should I Give out My Personal Info: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Personal Info is private and should be kept to yourself!

You Copied My Website: Actually I didn´t copy any website. Maybe it´s just a coincidence that we both use google images. ;-;

Why Isn´t There Anything On Yet?: This is actually a fairly new website and we´re still under construction.

Still Need Help? Contact The BeYous´:

Cameron´s Wall: http://myfirstworld.com/profile.asp?user=342454

Jake´s Wall: http://myfirstworld.com/profile.asp?user=342459

Taye´s Wall: http://myfirstworld.com/profile.asp?user=342458

Josh´s Wall: http://myfirstworld.com/profile.asp?user=342457

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