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About the Dragon Caverns:
In the Dragon Caverns you play a character (see below on how to make a character) and play games and finish quests for the princess, me, FlameStar. Quests and games earn you Runes, which you can use to buy items and/or deposit in the bank to earn interest. You can recruit your friends to play this game and earn Runes as well! By completing tons of quests or recruiting lots of friends, you may be granted an Element! There are 10,000
 levels you can be, and for some, the elusive level 10,001, which IS possible (we hope)! If you meet certain level requirements you can get jobs or ranks, and/or unlock game tournaments (level 10,000)! You also can be level 20 or higher to partake in a Minor Tournament! Smaller prizes but still fun! We have a forum for asking questions or meeting new friends! Creating an account is simple and quick, so join today!

To level up, look at the user panel bar above and see if there is plus symbol by your level number. If there is, click it to level up. Leveling up costs 1000 Runes.


The Dragon Caverns are a set of tunnels/caves underground and a village nearby the fields. These caverns contain a large library, living area full of claw-carved cave rooms, and a small underground lake with a high ceiling opening up into the sky. The entrance/exits to the caverns open into an open field with plenty of space for dragons and all other creatures. The skies are perfectly clear for flying, and the fields are always lush and beautiful. A dense forest grows at one end of the fields, where some dragons and forest creatures reside, and amazing plants grow. In the village, there are markets, huts, tunnels leading to the caves, and the castle where FlameStar lives. Many beings live in this area, including elves, fae, unicorns, humans, and phoenix as well as dragons. Anyone is welcome here, even imagined ones. In the center of the forest there is a clearing, the personal territory of me, FlameStar, the creator and princess of the forest, cavern, village, and fields, for relaxation outside my castle. You can reside here as well but need a profile and to be a member of this site!

To join the Dragon Caverns, you must have a character profile with your name, age, species,  general history/background, and a picture url (you can get online) of your character. DO NOT USE AVATARS FOR PICTURES!

Wondering how to get this profile or how to make and organize one? Check out this page.

Just got your element? PM (private message) me for info or a reward! Click the link to my profile below.

To learn about FlameStar, AKA me, visit my user profile!

I´m still trying to find level 10,001! WHERE IS IT?!?

Other administrator profiles:
WishingWell - beg for items ;)

SparkleSparkle - Game MASTER

We are in recruit! Complete the quest Recruit, on HIGH ALERT, to help build a more lively place for all fantasy creatures!

Check our News daily for updates and info!

Our moderator is me, FlameStar, the creator of this world, as said above.

Questions? Try the forum or PM FlameStar! 

Comments? Use our guestbook to let us know, or comment on FlameStar´s profile!

Too low level to be a builder but have big ideas?!? Comment in the guestbook or on FlameStar´s profile...you may get a gift of Runes or a level up...to level 15+ to be a BUILDER!

Also see our other site at


Love fantasy? Check out


Not in the right place? You are at
http://myfirstworld.com/13481, Home of the Dragon Caverns Fantasy World

The Dragon Caverns are an original fantasy roleplay site. Other places you can find the roleplays directly related or similar/identical to this one are: The Keep and Blogspot. Copyright 2011 Copyscape.

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