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Hello! Welcome to Bobaworld! If you have questions, check the chatrooms for Cinnamin! We're always ready to make the website better, so share your opinions! Cinnamin, signing out!

Bobalicious Lottery 4 U!

Hey guys! Cool lottery is coming! Please write a comment down on Cinnamin's profile page titled, "Entering Lottery." On the day school at Millbrook ends, YOU can have a chance to win 10,000 kibble! UPDATE::Please instead title your Entering Lotterys at the new "LAST DAY OF SCHOOL LOTTERY" page. For a higher chance of winning, please add a description of what kinds of videogames you like. If only one person enters the lottery there will be no winner. SIGNING OUT!!

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Hi bobas, and welcome to Bobaworld! A world of magic, hopes, and dreams!

This Website´s Address is:

The Mr. Boomey News:

"This is Mr. Boomey with the Mr. Boomey news.UPDATED AT LAST; new jobs have been added and all news reports reported before May 1, 2015, have been deleted. You can expect new items for all the shops and your Christmas Gifts by July 1st. Also, pleae check the BREAKING NEWS banner daily, cuz you never know what exciting updates are waiting for ya!"

"Mr. Boomey is back! HAHA! We have good news- "The Mochatishis" was released today! It received a 80.1 from MegaMonkey and a 4.3 out of 5 from The Fans and Flow. Also, the new max level has been raised to 87. That´s a cool new 2 levels to conquer."

"After SUPER long, almost a year, we are proud to announce the updated Bobaworld! The new Bobaworld features a new currency: Bobucks, and a new highest level: 90!"

BobaworldTM.  2014 BIG December Update coming December 20, 2014- HUGE New Year´s Update January 1st, 2015- Huge Porkchops´ Birthday Update Febuary 14, 2015

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