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A world where imagination is the limit...

Today is Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Itīs currently Spring.

Spring is here, and so is the Queen of Spring!

Important: Following the cl0sure of TekTek.org, which we heavily relied on for our avatars, Rainbow Splash was abandoned. However- a solution would be IMVU. Not only is the selection HUGE, but the items are more detailed. The problem would be with heads- I would need to abandon the old idea of mix-and-match with eyes and mouths. Instead, there would be certain heads, with more constantly added, as well as different skins. Please bear with me as I clear up and improve Rainbow Splash so it can be up and running again, and put up the new avatar system! ♡

Rainbow Jottings issue coming out on FRIDAY!

Welcome to Rainbow Splash!

WELCOME TO THE RAINBOW SPLASH OFFICIAL RELEASE! Rainbow Splash is now fully released, have fun!

Welcome to Rainbow Splash, a world where everything is possible. Live your wildest dreams, all down on pixels. 

Show off your creativity, and display who you are. Take advantage of a friendly community where you will surely find great friends.

Rainbow Splash is largely powered and based off the ideas of our users. If you want us to know anything, donīt feel afraid to send a message to Holly! 

Daisy, the Queen of Spring

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